EXCLUSIVE: Producer provides details on To The Stars 'Monsters of California' movie


One of the many components of To The Stars/ To The Stars Academy Of Arts and Science includes the arts element, which plans to produce its first fictionalized movie “Monsters Of California.”Production and specific details have been scarce, but it looks like a release date of Christmas season 2020 is what is being eyed for a full-theatrical release according to producer The Cartel’s co-CEO /co-founder ,producer and manager Stan Spry.

“The script is written,” said Spry. “We have done location scouting, and we are currently in the process of casting. We have also hired some key crew already including an Academy Award nominated cinematographer, and we have partnered with two Academy nominated producers.”

“Monsters Of California” is an entirely different universe/franchise from the young adult fiction book by Tom DeLonge, and Geoff Herbach “Strange Times: The Ghost in The Girl.”

“It’s not based off of ‘Strange Times,’” said Spry. “We were developing a ‘Strange Times’ movie, but we ended up setting up ‘Strange Times’ with TBS, and we are making it with them as a half hour live-action comedy TV show, which is perfect for that franchise because you can have new adventures every week while really living with the characters over time, and getting deep into their stories. This is a new franchise that Tom has created called ‘Monsters of California.’ It’s got some similarities in tone, but the movie and script are very different.”

Spry , the current producer of the Shudder series “Creepshow” reboot, is producing the film, and was drawn to the project based off his familiarity with DeLonge’s previous work.

“I’ve been a fan of Tom’s music for a long time, “Spry said. “ When I had my first official meeting with him nearly 5 years ago I was drawn to his energy and vision. I was also fascinated by the missions of his companies To The Stars and To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. As Tom and I got to know each other, work on more projects together and become friends, this project always stood out as a perfect mix of who Tom is, and what he and his music and companies represent. It’s heartfelt, it’s hilarious and R-rated. It has got underlying themes of love, acceptance and of making the world of better place, and has UFOs and bigfoot and all kinds of fun, paranormal stuff. It’s fun as hell, and has the humor that fans of Tom and blink-182 will love. It feels like the perfect mix of all of the things that Tom is and feels like a perfect film for Tom to direct. He’s also writing the music for it, which will be epic.”

The filming is working around DeLonge’s busy schedule, as his band Angels & Airwaves are currently embarking on a North America tour, which this site reviewed and mingled with DeLonge and Steve Justice at the Austin date. Spry said they hope to start the filming in Spring. The film and TV franchises should align with the arts aspect of what TTSA aims to do.

“Part of their mission is to spread information and knowledge, and disclosure through entertainment,“ Spry said.” That’s what we’re doing with ‘Monsters of California’. It’ll be a fun, thrilling ride filled with factual information about the phenomena.”