REVIEW: 'Extraordinary: The Seeding' an intriguing experiencer account

Jon Sumple’s “Extraordinary: The Seeding” provides a detailed documentary that vividly describes the emotional trauma, and long-term effects of abduction experincers.

For many unaware with these themes, some of what is presented here may be hard to digest for the average viewer; reptilians, hybrids, and “otherness” that may sway some to dismiss the witness claims. The over-the-top title sequence introduction with sperm swimming in outer space doesn’t help either, but shouldn’t detract from how the film attempts to connect the experiencers with the audience.

Putting the experiencers at the forefront of this film is its best selling point; you get their story told clear through their regressions, alleged abductions, pregnancies, sexual encounters, and consciousness/ memory manipulation. Some of the common themes in the film include genetics, screen memories, reproduction, hybridization (hybrid children stories), and UFO phenomena.

There some good ideas here as one experiencers floats the theory that “consciousness is the power of the extraterrestrials,” but you also have some of the unfortunate ” evil alien agenda” pushed as well. The experiencers, and their brave stories (believe them or not) really make this a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the phenomena. The emotions and anxiety associated with the experiencers telling their stories, and dealing with how they could be perceived really is communicated well in the film.

“Extraordinary: The Seeding” should hopefully land on larger streaming platforms like Netflix, so a wider audience can witness the testimonials and see for themselves.