COMMENTARY: Entitlement and the UFO community

“Annoying entitled” were the words tech genius Deep Prasad tweeted in response to the current in-fighting within those actively engaged in the UFO phenomena.

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science announces partnership with Truclear for “development projects as well as to provide advanced technology solutions to United States Government clientele.” (Handout)

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science announces partnership with Truclear for “development projects as well as to provide advanced technology solutions to United States Government clientele.”

Those words hit the nail on the head, as the bickering and divisional rivalries ( “young guns” versus the older researchers) are at a head mostly regarding To The Stars-related news/content. We’ve all discussed before, and hopefully can all agree on that all that healthy discourse is needed and helpful when vetting people, stories, and cases related to UFOs. At times, the discourse has led straight to division with some of the key players adamant at making a case against Luis Elizondo and anything Tom DeLonge and To The Stars does. So, will direct discourse equal disclosure?

Longtime researcher Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds TV has seen it all before, but he believes the To The Stars saga, and similar ongoing investigations need to be dealt with a practiced patience and rationality.

“I think entitlement often hampers UFO enthusiasts from getting what they want,”Rojas said. “They usually preface inquiries with ideas like we deserve the information and you holders of the info are evil for holding it back, so give it up. This approach does not inspire cooperation. It is the type of response that is least likely to receive a response at all. The UFO community does not have to combative with perceived secret keepers. Those who have made the most progress in obtaining information have worked in a much more cooperative manner.”

When I was a guest on Dave Scott’s wonderful program Spaced Out Radio he made a solid point that many in the UFO community felt slighted that To The Stars didn’t ask for anyone’s help, and initially were ignoring “alternative media.” It is a fair point, but you may want to look at the people involved in TTSA and their resumes, and may understand the the hesitancy of working with more of a “civilian” crowd no matter how accomplished many of “us” are.

John Greenewald from The Black Vault has kept his critical eye and his FOIA-based investigations on TTSA happenings. While his slant and attitude can be perceived as negative he recently offered his services to TTSA while on the latest Jimmy Church show to help disseminate any breakthroughs with press release assistance. That was an odd turn, and offer since they have their own publicists, and many of us with actual journalism degrees/ backgrounds would also love the chance to do that as well. So, it’s like “hey TTSA give me a job or attention or suffer the wrath of bad coverage.”

Should TTSA include the community? Absolutely. Are they obligated to? No. This is where the entitlement comes in. UFOs are a hot topic again, and cable TV shows are pitching content, and pumping out new shows left and right (many of us are on these shows/ have interviewed to be on etc.) There’s even a ridiculous show called “Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens” on Viceland where the rapper gets high and discusses the show. Opportunities in the UFO community exist, but none of us are owed a damn thing because we have a podcast, written a book, or been freelance investigating for x-amount of years. Just because we aren’t invited to the party doesn’t mean we still can’t be a part of it.

“I sometimes see people who are ungrateful and critical of others in the community that are trying to push disclosure,” Prasad said. “For this group of people, no amount of transparency or results are ever enough, and they demand more answers, more transparency, etc. while doing nothing for the community themselves. This is what I call entitlement. When you can sit behind a computer and complain all day, but refuse to help the common good and take up disclosure activities of your own. If you find yourself complaining at the current rate of progress, do something about it. Do not expect the truth to be handed to you on a silver platter, because it's never going to happen.”