INTERVIEW: Dr.Rick Strassman on DMT studies, 'other worlds'


Dr. Rick Strassman’s breakthrough book on his DMT research “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” was an eye-opening scientific study that legitimized the psychedelic connection with altered like states birth, death and near-death, psychosis, and mystical / paranormal experiences.

Strassman graduated from Stanford , obtained his medical degree Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and was a tenured Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and received the University of New Mexico General Clinical Research Center’s Research Scientist Award. His intensive DMT studies draw instant synchronicity with paranormal and UFO/alien experiences. The ability of the pineal gland to naturally release DMT also aligns with what ancient Egyptians believed the powers of “the third eye” hold.

Strassman recently answered some questions regarding his studies and relations to other-worldly phenomena , and what he’s currently been up to.

Q: The quote in your book "one needs to travel without one's body" reminds me of something I covered in my first book “Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy.” I theorized that maybe in our current state we can't travel to other universes, or galaxies but our consciousness could. This goes with Dr. Robert Lanza's study of biocentrism, and idea that our consciousness lives on when we die. What are your thoughts on this, and do you believe our consciousness could be our "soul?”

STRASSMAN: “I think our consciousness is a function of our soul. The medievalists believe there are several types of souls: a vegetative/plant soul mediating growth and reproduction; an animal soul mediating movement, instinct, and impulse; a human soul capable of self reflection, self-consciousness, and connection to ‘the divine.’”

Q: Your book brings about the notion of transference. What do you think the clowns represent in your patient's experiences?

STRASSMAN: The beings in general probably represent some combination of inner-generated imagery on one hand,and outer-perceived objects on the other. Transference, on the other hand, is a technical term denoting an aspect of the therapeutic relationship in which the patient begins to feel and think about the therapist in ways that are more a reflection of the patient's past than the therapist's actual personality.”

Q:Those who have studied the paranormal, and in some cases alien abduction, cite a "trickster" like behavior part of paranormal phenomena. Some of your patients saw elves that acted in-line with the "trickster" element. What do you make of this parallel ?

STRASSMAN: “We all have elements of the trickster within us, and there are probably external forces, energies, processes, or objects that also possess that property.”

Q: With the feelings of euphoria and emotional reactions similar to those a part of alien abduction phenomena with memories returning through regressions. Do you see a similarity between the DMT study and those regression cases?

STRASSMAN: “To the extent that non-drug states resemble those brought on by DMT, it makes sense that endogenous DMT may play a role in mediating those experiences.”

Q: Meetings with "them" takes place in non-material worlds. Could it be the DMT gateway is the way to access these "alien" encounters and different universes?

STRASSMAN: “Assuming that those meetings take place in non-material worlds, then there would need to be a way to access those worlds. However, that is a big assumption.”

Q:What studies are you in to currently, and would you ever consider future DMT studies?

Dr. Rick Strassman’s latest book is “Joseph Levy Escapes Death.”(Handout)

Dr. Rick Strassman’s latest book is “Joseph Levy Escapes Death.”(Handout)

STRASSMAN: “I haven't done hands-on research in a long time, nearly 30 years. I do help other groups in their research. For example the recent Ann Arbor paper demonstrating DMT synthesis in rodent brain, which came out of Jimo Borjigin's lab. I'm also consulting with the Imperial College group on their planned continuous infusion study with DMT, whereby the effect may be prolonged for hours or longer.
Otherwise, I hang out in my study/library, reading dusty Judaica in preparation for some biblical fiction about the patriarch Abraham--who lived a fully prophetic life before the revelation of the Law. I also published my first fictional work in March recounting my alter ego's year of illness and recovery in a small Southwest town ;’Joseph Levy Escapes Death.’”