INTERVIEW: The Donna Lee Case -Part 1

The famous case of Donna and Clayton Lee can be described as a "modern day Betty and Barney Hill." 

Sometimes when investigating the subject of UFOs and the unknown, you look no farther than your own backyard, as the Lees live a mere minutes from this writer in Houston. The  publicized case is worth another look, as over the next few months the goal is to get to know the Lees more in a multiple-part interview series. 

Donna and Clayton Lee reside in Houston, Texas.(Handout)

Donna and Clayton Lee reside in Houston, Texas.(Handout)

Donna Lee, a former HUFON (Houston chapter of  MUFON) president, was into the unusual in her mid 20s as she was drawn to Tarot card readings, had strange visions in her childhood that only made sense when discovering through hypnosis and regression in her later years, and believed in reincarnation/ past lives, which  she believed could be one of the many "gifts"  allegedly given to her by aliens. She said she has no past history of psychological problems or drug use. Lee always believed in the ideas of multiple universes ,possibility of  intelligent life and  UFOs when her interest started with the crop circle phenomena before the revelation of her own experiences. 

"On earth we have insects , birds, human beings ; who is  to say we are the only ones?’" Lee said.

Lee attended HUFON meetings with her husband who had 22-pages worth of experiencer abduction documentation on himself and  took an abduction questionnaire after her unfortunate miscarriage.  Unlike her husband, she had no missing time to report, but a missing fetus . She was eight weeks pregnant then gone; a  miscarriage labeled  a missed pregnancy.  According to doctors, both tubes were blocked with scar tissue and was told by doctors it was almost impossible for her to have gotten pregnant in the first place . A common occurrence in similar cases shows future encounters with what is believed to be the child, which Lee had in what was described as a "dream."

" I had a dream a number of years ago ….  about being abducted, and I was in a room waiting and the rooms are always kind of sterile and smelled like negative ions and they brought in a child--- -a little girl and they left her there," said Lee. "At first, I was curious like if they wanted me to babysit. And there was something real familiar about her. I actually drew a picture of her. It was very familiar. They came and took her. I got up and  that dream was with me for a while.  I realized that child was 7 or 8 years old and that’s how old my child would have been If I carried full term and actually birthed. So, I got that feeling; the familiarity that would have been my child. It looked 'hybrid', and had my eyes. A little bit more of my facial structure that you would see in different depictions of aliens. "

The sensory experience of those who have had experiences in abduction and regressions is something most non-experiencers can only imagine what it's like.

“Usually rendered mostly immobile – when I had the dream I was not immobilized," Lee said. "They were allowing me. It was so surreal; I knew it wasn’t just a  dream, and that could have been part of an experiment as well to see if there was a connection to the child and me. They were allowing me. I didn’t feel threatened. With the insect dream (another experience she had),  there was more of a feeling of threat ; I remember sitting up at the side of the bed pointing my finger and saying ‘you have no power here, and you need to go back to where you came from’ as I woke up."

With having mostly non-threatening experiences with traditional greys and human-like "Nordic" visitors, Lee believes overall alien interventions aren't malicious in nature. 

"I believe some other beings have come back in time to help us with things," Lee said." Since Roswell happened, we have just abounded with technology – some could have been part of agreement technology in exchange for experiment. Some people have had really bad reactions and I don’t know if that is from their  own innate fear like they are pissed they were taken without their permission . How did we figure out how to experiment on animals? Are they trying to have a peaceful coexistence? Finding a way to reproduce? Can you really progress with just cloning?”

Lee is thankful she's always been returned after her abductions, citing Derrel Sims theory that states some abductees in South America don't return since their governments don't have similar agreements in place with aliens. Why would aliens with all their advancements in technology even need agreements in first place to visit?

“I think so we won’t continue to think  they are a threat," Lee said.

Lee describes her interactions as "mostly-friendly experimentation" and claims to have returned with gifts like ESP. While many abductees struggle with why they were chosen and what their purpose is, a few select words have her content with her place in the universe.

"They’ve showed me more trusting things," Lee said. " A lot of healers and different people have seen maps or apocalypse, but all I’ve heard was that I was ‘right where I am supposed to be’.”




Q: What do you think of the theory that praying mantis-like aliens are really machinery that are misinterpreted by humans?

LEE: "The feeling that I got was, the armor stuff that was on there… It looked like that (insect body). I know Clayton assisted on a regression with a little boy who said something curious. He had real clear memories of being on a spaceship and the suits that they(greys) wear are just that, suits. They take the eyes from the cows to make lens  to make almost like sunglasses- the eyes you see- the big almond black eyes are actually made from cow lens apparently  for sunglasses to make it easier for them being from a different atmosphere so they have to have  protection.”

Q: How human-like do "Nordic" aliens really appear?

LEE:"Really tall, light skinned -almost like looking like an albino. Looks 'normal' except 7 feet tall.