COMMENTARY: Not another celebrity UFO show. ...

First Rob Lowe, and now Zachary Quinto will be throwing his celeb tin-foiled hat into the field of the unexplained.  

"In Search Of" is coming soon. (hand out)

"In Search Of" is coming soon. (hand out)

HISTORY announced a new "In Search Of Series" hosted and executive produced  by Quinto who will travel and explore the UFO phenomena "with a personal connection to the phenomenon”  according to a news release. The original series (1977-1982) was hosted by Leonard Nimoy (Spock from "Star Trek") and Quinto currently plays Spock in the new "Star Trek" film franchise.

This comes off the heels of "The Lowe Files" from last year on A&E, which featured Lowe and his sons exploring the unexplained. Did anyone ever watch that show? Serious question.

Now, there's nothing wrong with people using their celebrity and resources to research Ufology or cryptozoology, (hey, we are cool with Tom DeLonge doing it), but giving these celebrities TV shows over real  researchers who could use the exposure and the money is frustrating. 

These shows do two things; provide more exposure to these topics to the mainstream and also kind of dilute the market for UFO-based shows.

Nothing against Lowe (who LITERALLY seems like an OK dude) or Quinto who kills it in any role he plays, but these time slots would be better occupied by those who dedicate their free time and investigate the unexplained without taking a paycheck.