Zoologist Jacob Calle cares about all species; discovered, undiscovered

Zoologist , filmmaker and entertainer Jacob Calle is a believer in the unexplained, even if a lot of his peers may not be. 

Jacob Calle isn't afraid of the fourth-deadliest snake in the world. (Handout)

Jacob Calle isn't afraid of the fourth-deadliest snake in the world. (Handout)

"Zoology has a deep connection with the crypto community, but is hardly glanced into," Calle said. "The ivory billed woodpecker, for instance, of the Ozark Mountains. While I do agree that the specimen is extinct, but from time-to-time we read reports that there was a sighting. What if? Also, on a much grander scale; extraterrestrials. In my favorite childhood film, a boy named Elliot was the first to discover an alien. I've always wanted to be that boy. Not so much of discovering an alien, because I'll leave that to NASA and Tom DeLonge, but what else is out there on this planet waiting to be discovered. As an environmental conservationist, what if that undiscovered species is already extinct. An animal from the past and the world never got to see it, and can only appreciate it like that of dinosaurs."

In addition to his beliefs, his work currently includes his upcoming film "Vanishing Heartbeats" about the terrifying poaching industry that will be previewed before the Houston screening of a separate film he's not attached to "Blood Lions" at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 at The Secret Group.

"The experience that I've obtained while living in Africa filming 'Vanishing Heartbeats' makes me feel very humble," Calle said. "Being directly in between a silver back gorilla and it's challenger as a fight is about to occur is quite beautiful. We've got our problems and they've got theirs and we are all living together on this planet. I think I should change the title of this film to '99 Ways To Die in Africa' because there were many. At the preview, I'll also be showing artifacts that I've obtained from the poachers along with other items that have healing properties. You can mock their beliefs but it's really no different than a lucky rabbits foot or carrying a four-leaf clover."

With all his travels and expeditions, Calle has came across some of the weirdest things the world has to offer, including the Muthi Market in Johannesburg. Muthi is a collaboration between Suth African spiritual advisers and psychiatrists.  

"Practicing muthi is almost like a natural religion," said Calle." They believe in properties that are alien to my mind and will never understand, but to them it is real. I met a man who sold me lightning bolt bones. A six-headed snake flies into the sky and attacks lightning and with its six heads it bites the bolts and takes down the lightning to the ground where it becomes deceased. The muthi markets have many flora and fauna that contain magical properties from penis enlargement to becoming successful."