New hypothesis possibly links Tic-Tac UFOs to marine life

In studying flaps of UFO sightings don’t rule out anything.

Gray whales can migrate from Alaska to Mexico.(Photo via Upsplash)

Gray whales can migrate from Alaska to Mexico.(Photo via Upsplash)

Former NASA research scientist and current associate professor of physics at the University of Albany Kevin H. Knuth has drafted an interesting hypothesis that ties the Nimitz UAP incident to the marine life in the area. The nine-page study even goes to state that the UAPs could be monitoring the migration of whales, and even mentions a recent UAP sighting off the coast of Oregon similar to the Tic-Tac.

“The thought was triggered by Kevin Day's description of the UAPs as acting as if they were migrating,” Knuth said. “They also seemed to act like they were looking for something by slowly tracking south at 100 knots or so at 28,000 ft altitude.”

The study notes that the UAPs were around an unidentified submerged object in the ocean.

From the study:

Fravor Encounter On November 14, 2004, Cdr. David Fravor, flying an F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter, was directed to intercept one of these UAPs. On reaching merge plot, Fravor and his Wingman, did not immediately notice the Tic-Tac UAP. Instead, it was observed that there was a large turbulent oval area of waves breaking as if over the surface of a submerged object (10 – 15 feet below the water) about the size of a Boeing 737 jet airplane. LCdr. Slaight thought that the object might be a submarine, which was later dismissed due to the fact that there were no submarines in the area at that time. The Tic-Tac UAP was then observed to be hovering with erratic motion over the churning water. An encounter with the Tic-Tac UAP ensued. After the encounter the submerged object was no longer present. It was never determined what this object was (Powell et al., 2019). Clearly, the UAP was interested in the submerged object. It is possible that this object and others like it are the reason that the UAPs were in the area.

The hypothesis also looks at various other factors like hydrography, chemical studies, underwater topography and biology. The gray whales are known to migrate south at that time of year from Alaska down to Mexico (past Guadalupe), and pass through the Channel Islands, which San Clemente and Santa Catalina are located. The area is also located close to military bases, which is another common hot spot for UFO activity, and is another avenue to explore why the Tic-Tac UFOs were so prevalent in this specific region.

“Day reported that the UAPs appeared to be avoiding the Nimitz Carrier Group and its aircraft, which is very different from the encounters on the East Coast involving the Roosevelt Carrier Group in which case the UAPs seemed to be seeking out encounters,” Knuth said.

While as of right now, the hypothesis is just a mere stepping point, and not ready for full public consumption according to Knuth. The plan is this may warrant further study,and also include more details about the recent Tic-Tac sightings off the coast of Oregon.