COMMENTARY: Why 'Storm Area 51' is burying real UFO stories

What started as a satirical Facebook post about a public protest/ raid on the bass off of Groom Lake in Nevada on Sept.20 has morphed into a “buzzworthy”/ meme-producing story since over 1.5 million pledged to attend.

Jeremy Corbell offers a sensible alternative to “Storm Area-51.” The filmmaker suggests Sept. 20 should be an arts, and awareness festival.

UFOs are currently trending mostly because of the ridiculousness of this proposed idea, which any REAL UFO researcher or military employee would strongly urge against for the safety risk, and Roswell retrieval is long gone from the area. Another reason this story has gained some attention is that Bob Lazar is back in the spotlight since Jeremy Corbell’s “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” has drawn the attention of a new wave of viewers since it hit Netflix. The film focuses on the “awesome and fearsome” experience Lazar has dealt with post his days allegedly reverse engineering crafts around Area 51. Lazar has done the media rounds, and his story has surfaced again to attract some mainstream attention.

So, you take Lazar’s story, Corbell’s film landing on the most-popular streaming service, and this hot topic of raiding Area-51 to “see them aliens” and you have clickbait heaven for any news media site. When a story like this is hot, news sites will milk it for as many clicks as possible, but often at the expense of more important stories. In this case, Storm Area-51 is hot, and some stories those in the UFO community are excited for aren’t gaining that front-page momentum that started with the Pentagon UFO program story the New York Times broke.

Luis Elizondo of To The Stars has came out and said on “Unidentified” that AATIP is no longer run by just a single office. We also know that two current sitting members of Congress have been briefed, as well as the president, despite his statement that he’s a non-believer. The Senators who were in those briefings allegedly saw the entire videos of what To The Stars Academy has assisted in getting released; a revelation that should have major outlets wanting to inquire what else was captured on video beside the clips declassified for public viewing. The season finale of “Unidentified” also featured controversial claims from the Italian government that UFOs shot down one of their helicopters, when UFOs fire weapons their stealth is deactivated, and depleted uranium could be used against them.

Speaking of TTS, the company’s investor circular has surfaced and revealed they acquired an AI mobile app to track UAP reports called SCOUT (Signature Collection of UAP Tracker). An app to track UFOs? This should be a story on most news sites business or tech sections.

The aforementioned stories are all serious topics that should be getting some airtime outside of the UFO circles, but since the current “Storm Area 51” nonsense dominating the airwaves, they remain a hot topic among just us for now.