REVIEW: Small Town Monsters takes flight with 'Terror In The Skies'


As TV producers continue to rehash the same, tired cryptozoology-centric shows, Seth Breedlove and his Small Town Monsters crew continue to produce imagination-capturing documentaries with cinematography skills on par with the big budgets of Hollywood.

“Terror In he Skies” documents thunder birds, mothman, monstrous flying creatures and other aerial anomalies of cryptozoology, and the cities that they inhabit. The film also provides historical background of the towns that help provide context for some of the possible explanations of what witnesses have seen.

One specific area the film focuses on successfully is the “flap” element to these sightings, which means sightings usually come in waves, as well as the geographic characteristics of the town. When the Chicago mothman sightings are featured the film objectively offers alternatives to the paranormal aspects of the reports. One thing that stands out is the idea that a winged creature sighting is usually the precursor to something bad happening, and the translation of the word “monster” comes from a Latin word that means warning.

“Terror In The Skies” is on par with the other Small Town Monsters productions, but boasts increased production value and storytelling techniques that Breedlove just keeps getting better at with each documentary.