INTERVIEW: Erin Ryder returns to go ‘In Search Of Monsters’

Erin Ryder has traveled the world as a veteran of expeditions and adventurous endeavors from her days front and center on “Destination Truth.” Ryder’s popularity in the cryptozoology field continues ,as to this day her first interview with Punk rock and UFOs STILL is the site’s most-read story, and she’s back in front of the camera for Travel’s “In Search Of Monsters” series.

Erin Ryder looks to track down the Yeti. (Erin Ryder)

Erin Ryder looks to track down the Yeti. (Erin Ryder)

“Kevin Burns, the creator and EP of ‘Ancient Aliens' came to me and told me they were doing a show about infamous and iconic monsters and they wanted me to have a part in that and I said, 'of course!',” Ryder said. “ I have worked with Prometheus Entertainment on a few shows, including ‘Vanished,’ and knew they had a creativity and sensitively all their own and that this wouldn’t just be a rehashing of all the things we already know about these legends. “

While Ryder didn’t have a specific say in what cryptids and mysterious would be explored, she will be featured in all 10 episodes of this current season. Ryder has worked behind the scenes in her production past, but on this show she’ll be utilized on camera as a collaborator, consultant and field investigator.

“If people have been tuning in they would have already seen episodes on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman and The Jersey Devil,” said Ryder.”This week we will feature the Wendigo; a creature said to have an insatiable appetite who turns its doomed human victims into flesh-eating zombies. We also showcase the Yeti, Chupacabra, the Beast of Bray Road, the Ozark Howler, and Rock Apes of Vietnam/Minnesota Iceman. Each one is better than the last,”

Production companies are always developing shows about the paranormal, and major networks have new shows coming out about UFOs and cryptozoology. Ryder believes the demand continues due to the audience’s interest in the unexplained.

“The unexplained is part of the zeitgeist, “said Ryder. “ There is no denying that people are interested in knowing all they can about cryptids, the paranormal and UFOs/extraterrestrials. There is an appetite for this type of investigative show.”  



Q: As a frequent concert goes, what was best show you've been to so far this year?

RYDER: NIN at the Palladium. No question Trent Reznor is a musical genius, and I love seeing how their songs grow with me over the years and mean different things at different times in my life. 

Q:Do you prefer being on screen or behind the scenes and why?

RYDER: Tough question. I truly love producing it’s what I was born to do, BUT I’m so fascinated with the unknown that I can’t help but be a part of projects like this. If i like the producing team and feel strongly about the content I have no problem being included behind the scenes or on camera.