EXCLUSIVE: UFO flies over Chicago

(Editor's note- On Sunday July 8,2018 myself, my girlfriend and her friends were taking the Chicago River sunset boat tour. They all witnessed a strange green orb in the sky. Unfortunately, I did not see it. There were some photographers on the boat that saw it as well. )

A green orb that was described by eye witness accounts as "too big for a drone," "too low for a plane," and " too small for a helicopter" was seen on July 8 over the Chicago River/ by downtown Chicago.

"It was this green elongated orb type of thing blasting through the sky, and then it split into  two for a brief second and then gone," said Josh Burman.

The whole encounter lasted mere seconds as a photographer on the boat was unable to snap a photo. The orb was appearing to go southbound of Lake Michigan.

"It was like two to three dashes across the sky and all of a sudden they just disappeared, " said Jess Freidrich. "They were going really, really fast. Faster than any plane I've ever seen."