REVIEW: 'Area 52' episode of 'Ancient Aliens'



The "Area 52" episode of History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" presents an abridged version of Area 51 and Roswell history, and the idea of reverse engineering. The show does propose the question that the 2013 official government admittance of Area  51's existence, which was  prompted by a 10-year FOIA request, could be a smoke screen to detract from other "Area 51s" all over the country (hence, the episode title "Area 52"). 

Some takeaways:

-Former Area 51/ Groom Lake official T.D Barnes appears, and talks briefly about his work at Area 51, only offering vague answers to what we "could do" with reverse engineering, but also mentions some of the flying apparatuses and non-winged aircrafts he has seen at the base. 

-Miners suggest that Area 51 has moved to an underground operations, which is just one of many underground bases that could be accessed by a subway system that all are connected throughout New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. The Denver International Airport and its secret underground tunnels immediately came to  this author's mind during this segment.

-Wright Patterson Air Force base and its rumored alien wreckage was also covered, and the base's importance is debated to rank higher than Area 51.

-The Montauk Project and alleged experimentation that the U.S. military did is appropriately featured. Chris Garetano's fascinating documentary "The Dark Files: Montauk Project" is highly recommended viewing if this episode's mention of it intrigues you. 

-Bigelow Aerospace as a private company doesn't have to adhere to the FOIA, so companies like Bigelow could basically do the government's clandestine work on alien technology without the official transparency to the public.

Ultimately, there is nothing new here with this episode, but it's a nice mainstream introduction to these theories and summarizes the ideas of a secret facilities that house alien tech.