A look at Georgia's Nessie-like creature carcass



A bizarre , unidentified marine life carcass recently washed up on the shore of Georgia's Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Golden Isles. The creature has Loch Ness monster-like features; elongated neck,  small head, and fins. Georgia has its own cryptid legend in  Altahama ("Alty")  that resembles a plesiosaur .  The local legend is so popular that the county of Darian, Georgia even uses a plesiosaur  as its logo.

In many cases, a decomposing snake or eel, decayed shark or whale or various forms of fish can be misidentified as a Nessie-type, but in this specific case, the shape of the creature seems too close to what people believe a Loch Ness monster cryptid looks like.

"I can't say there's not something out there we haven't discovered," Jason Lee, the program manager for the non-game conservation section of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources said to livescience. "This creature, though, does not really look like it has the ability to survive deep-sea conditions. You've got to have certain gelatinous qualities to stay down deep for that long."

It's not something supernatural like some believe. Whatever this is, it is biological in nature. Now, with no evidence or any DNA testing yet, the jury is out on what exactly this creature is. It could also very well be a hoax.  The case of the Georgia sea creature is currently unsolved, but the fact it is making headlines is a positive for cryptozoology.