Throwback Thursday book review: 'Keepers Of The Garden'

Dolores Cannon's "Keepers Of The Garden" is a book that deserves to be at the forefront of UFO research, and may hold the secrets to all the questions we've been collectively asking.

The book is a hypnosis case; through the hypnosis sessions with Cannon a regular man named Phil is able to channel "imprints" of his past lives as many "alien" forms on earth and other parts of the universe.  Through the channeling, Cannon is able to get information from a group of 12 all funneling information though Phil's subconscious. Before you quit reading now and dismiss this as nonsense, please allow yourself the ability to judge for yourself. 



The case presented in “Keepers Of The Garden” fills in all the gaps of the Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin. What is presented in this account seems to told many answers to the world’s mysterious and the ancient astronaut question. What was presented could be from the man’s imagination and psyche of a man under hypnosis, but there are a lot of coincidences to what we’ve all studies in terms of Ufology that connects a lot of the pieces of the puzzle in a manner that feels fluid.

Many beliefs of ancient astronaut theorists are confirmed here, but the juicy stuff comes with not IF aliens played a role in our development, but WHY. The ideas of different universe energies as imprints or “spirits” rather what we would think of a physical human or alien manifestation, has also aided in our development. In some cases the “Gods” did descend on earth and show civilizations ways in astronomy, agriculture and medicine, but in other cases, and still to this day apparently, influence is felt via energy and ideas as inspiration. Through energy and imprints and channeling, many great minds have been influenced in terms of innovation from one plane of awareness to another. These are considered “gifts” and not manipulation. Our body is just a vessel and indeed our energies can live on.There is a vested universal interest in the well-being of earth, and spiritually we aren’t quite there yet in terms of exploration and overall enlightenment.  

Some important bullet points:

-Energy receivers remain on this planet in forms of pyramids, and in America ( the Washington Monument is listed as one) , and are an untapped resource on earth in terms of communication with the universe. 

-The Akashic Record is also, indeed a thing. Think about the ideas of cosmic consciousness, zero-point energy and the Akashic Record, which is a belief that we can tap into the universe's "cloud" of knowledge. Zero-point energy, which was an Albert Einstein idea, is theoretically sound, and quantum waves exist, but are invisible. This idea makes up the Akashic Record; intelligent informational field we can tap into through our consciousness, which you can compare to the current "cloud" and Internet.

-Extraterrestrials are here in three ways; physical forms that visit us, those who live in secret bases on earth, and spiritual being undetected my human consciousness. 

-There are many races of aliens , just like there are many races of humans and breeds of animals. 

-There are planets that host intelligent life that we can't perceive through sight.

-There beings inter-dimensional in nature.

-Visitation cases and "tests" on humans are to experiment, take samples and prep the human race for a potential move to another planet. 

-There are some physical beings on our planet that are elusive and come from other energies that allow them to mostly go undetected ( Bigfoot?). 

  -Tales of creationism do hold some accuracy.

-There's a reason these feelings and experiences are held in our subconscious- described as a "the information is buried beneath a a highly disruptive cover of emotional trauma  caused by the extreme warping of conscious reality."

What if these “crazy” ideas, which oddly coincides with Biblical, mythological, fictional and scientific accounts and studies, held the key to the truth? What if the ideas of energies and channeling these energies , as well as spiritual awakening where we tap into our own consciousness and energies is what is needed to advance our understanding and move civilization forward?

There's a ton more covered in this book. Any question or case you may be thinking is addressed here in some form. Read for yourself.