Caravan Skateboards debut 'alien, Bigfoot rager'

Koozies also show some sick alien art. (Handout photo)

Koozies also show some sick alien art. (Handout photo)

Aliens and UFOs are certainly no strangers to skate culture with images of aliens appearing on skate decks for years.

On this year's Warped Tour, new-boutique brand skateboard company Caravan Skateboards debuted a new cryptozoology-themed design by partnering with artist Sam Pierson.

"We really strive to make a company that promotes creativity, and we give the artist the opportunity to use the board as a canvas," said owner of Caravan Skateboards Adam Facciolla."This recent collaboration is with an artist out of Denver Sam Pierson who said he had a really cool idea with Bifgoot and aliens in the desert and we let him run with it."

There are two different versions of the design used to on boards and other merchandise that Facciolla was selling from his vendor tent on Warped Tour to show off the "party" vibe Pierson went for .

"This is the before and after of an alien and Bigfoot rager that happens during every summer solstice, " said Facciolla.