Review: Ancient Aliens 'The Majestic Twelve' (July 7,2017)



In the newest episode of the History Channel's popular "Ancient Aliens" series, the show highlights the Majestic 12 and offers some revealing insight into government documents that appear to confirm the existence of the alien presence and the formation of the Majestic 12.

The episode "Majestic Twelve" is part of one of the shows stronger seasons so far, as journalist Linda Moulton Howe and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos review documents allegedly by the MJ-12 and determine authenticity of these classified and declassified forms. Howe goes as far to fact check the official government stamps used on the forms and collaborate the print style with a publisher. 

This episode won't fan the flames of any John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists, as one of the documents hinted he could have been a target if he shared U.S. secrets about the "alien presence." 

The episode also covers Project Horizon,  and other secret space bases,  structures on Mars dubbed "ancient builder race" by astronauts, NASA hacks that say the MJ-12 and the space programs they helped start existed, Roswell and other UFO cases. 

While the episode digs deep into the files of the MJ-12, it's not an all-telling tale about the secret organization itself, rather an investigative look at files and cases connected to them. Leading up to this week's episode, the network ran commercials teasing huge news. There isn't anything super new here, but it's an impressive aggregation of a lot of cases connected to the MJ-12, and more evidence to use for the argument that aliens are real and have been interacting with governments. The episode does predict based on recent government statements the truth will soon be exposed.