Rozwell Kid on Roswell incident, 'Precious Art'

Rozwell Kid's name originates from Roswell incident. (Emily Dubin/ Side One Dummy)

Rozwell Kid's name originates from Roswell incident. (Emily Dubin/ Side One Dummy)

With a name like Rozwell Kid, any UFO enthusiast and lover of new school emo/pop-punk should be intrigued. Another smart signing by Side One Dummy, Rozwell Kid sounds like the second coming of Weezer and its upcoming June 23 release of "Precious Art" is power-pop goodness. 


Jordan Hudkins from Rozwell Kid was kind enough to weigh in on the band's name, their belief in UFOs and "Precious Art."

Q: First let's talk about the band name and unique spelling- is it in reference at all to the Roswell, N.M. incident and do you ever get asked this question?

HUDKINS: "We get asked this question a lot. People sometimes assume we're from New Mexico. It's definitely a reference to Roswell. The story behind the name is a pretty boring story. It just came from some novelty military dog-tags my mom had made for me in Washington, D.C. when I was a kid. They said 'Jordan Hudkins : Roswell NM : Alien Boy'... I was really into aliens at the time. I had a cool tie-dye shirt with an alien on it that said 'We're Here. Get Used to It.' I also had a poster of an alien wearing a 'Cat In The Hat' hat. I liked the way Rozwell Kid sounded and added a z for no good reason."

Q:What are your thoughts on what actually went down in Roswell?

HUDKINS: "I'm not sure. A couple of years ago, I actually went to Roswell for the first time and it was really strange and interesting. It was neat to check out the UFO museum and read all about the incident from the source. There are some compelling stories from 'eyewitnesses'... I don't know how seriously I take it all, but it's definitely mysterious and creepy and I dig that."

Q:There's a recent theory on Roswell that says  it wasn't extraterrestrial, but rather U.S. military experimenting on disfigured and disabled Japanese. What are your thoughts on this?

Rozwell Kid will release 'Precious Art' on June 23. (Side One Dummy)

Rozwell Kid will release 'Precious Art' on June 23. (Side One Dummy)

HUDKINS: "I think that's pretty messed up. I've also heard a theory that the aliens were actually children? Both of these theories are way more disturbing to me than the idea of an extraterrestrial cover-up."

Q:Being from West Virginia, and not too far from Langley, Va., home of the CIA, have you ever witnessed anything in your hometown or while on the road?

HUDKINS: "Our drummer Sean has seen his fair share of UFOs. I've never witnessed anything. I think I saw a ghost once. There are some really isolated and creepy parts in West Virginia that would be perfect for spotting something otherworldly."

Q: Your upcoming album "Precious Art" is great and full of pop culture references like on "Michael Keaton". The record as a whole feels like an ode youth, is that a fair assessment?

HUDKINS: "I think that's fair. I think of it more as a reflection on youth than an 'ode.' I always seem to find inspiration in childhood memories, and I like filtering those experiences and ideas through the sparks and synapses of my modern brain."

Q On your past tours , the band would all perform this part where you'd all freeze in place for a long time on the last song before playing the final note before finishing up. Is unique showmanship like this missing in today's punk scene?

HUDKINS: "I don't know if anybody is really missing showmanship in today's punk scene, but I do think the entire routine can get pretty repetitive. We aren't going out of our way to have a huge light show or choreographed dance moves (even thoughthat would be SICK),but we are fairly animated on stage and work to make our live show something engaging to watch as well as hear. I've been known to boogie a little on stage. Sometimes I wish I could just put down the guitar and boogie HARD."

Boogie hard with Rozwell Kid when "Precious Art" drops June 23.