New interview sheds different light on Skinwalker Ranch


The phenomena-filled Skinwalker Ranch is back in the limelight again due to recent exposure from Jeremy Corbell’s 2018 film “Hunt The Skinwalker,” but there’s another side to this story being exposed by UFO researcher Erica Lukes and former Bigelow Aerospace Advance Space Studies investigator Chris Marx.

Lukes has been conducting her own research of the ranch, which includes on-site studies (details still to come), and has used Marx’s renewed interest in the ranch to add another layer to this complicated story. Lukes recently released the first video interview with Marx “Skinwalker Ranch: A Real Perspective,” which details just some of the phenomena Marx experienced from his six-year study on the ranch. Marx resurrected his passion for the ranch when he saw Corbell’s “Hunt The Skinwalker” documentary, which prompted Marx to “rectify the madness”. Marx believes the film does a disservice to the ranch by pushing a threat narrative.

Marx also boldly claims Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp who was behind the original research that was subject matter for the “Hunt The Skinwalker” book never spent any actual time on the property recording for the film. Communicating through Lukes UFO Classified Facebook page , Marx also cites the claim that Knapp has the only documentation based on the ranch as inaccurate, as Marx stated he has “hundreds of pages of actual reports and events (1. person), accompanied by close to a thousand pictures of actual scenes and real investigations including measurements, dates and GPS data.” Marx promises his data, as well as other scientist’s work will be revealed by the end of the year.

The big divide is on tone, and perception. In Lukes’ video, Marx describes the ranch as “sacred,” very beautiful place,” and “an environment like no other,” which is a stark contrast to Corbell’s film that paints the ranch as nightmarish in landscape.

“It's clear to me that they take a very different angle on the property,” Lukes said on the “Hunt For Skinwalker” film. “They clearly view that place as a ‘threat, and while that angle might line the pocket books of government contractors, I certainly feel it is a disservice to frighten local residents. To promote the idea that encounters cause debilitating effects on witnesses without doing a thorough investigation on other factors that might contribute to disease is unconscionable. I agree 100 percent with his (Marx) statements, and applaud him for having enough respect for the ranch and neighboring community to come forward and tell the real story.”

Corbell’s camp did not return requests for comment.

Marx does state in the video that being on the ranch is “not without risks” and still suffers from some consequences like random crashes in his kitchen,and misplaced items in his home. The video’s big reveal is Marx explaining encounters with multiple entities including his eye-witness account of a man shape-shifting into a wolf.

Lukes promises more to come from Marx, as well as her own personal experiences from the ranch.

“I have a deep affection for the ranch and the surrounding area,” said Lukes. “It's awe inspiring and perplexing. I have personally witnessed and documented things that are out of our realm of understanding, and I will always hold it very dear to my heart.”